Flora Residences

The facilities are positioned in a luxurious location, in a peaceful and quiet oasis in Kavač - Kotor municipality.

The complex consists of two buildings of different floors which are connected by a basement garage. Building A / Bs + Gf + 2 + At (basement, ground floor, two floors and attic), building B / Bs + Gf + 1 + At (basement, ground floor, floor and attic)


Montenegro is a small republic located on the Adriatic coast of the Balkan peninsula with the Adriatic Sea in the south, Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina in the west, Serbia in the north and Albania and Kosovo in the east. Montenegro is defined as “a democratic, affluent and environmentalist country” in its constitution.

Montenegro restored its independence on the referendum held in 2006, as the last republic to leave its former Yougoslav federation. The population is a mix of Montenegrians, Serbians, Croatians, Bosnians and Albanians with Ortodox Cristianity, Catolicizm and Islam as the 3 largest religions. The population is known as sympatethic, kind and open to foreigners and well known as a place where different people and religions live in harmony. In the country where different ethnic groups live together, the official language is the Montenegrin language but also Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian languages are spoken very commonly and thanks to tourism circulation fluency in English is also very common. The main industry of the country is tourism, agriculture and sustainable energy where industry is recently shaping. Since there is no natural gas and coal, and there is plenty of water streams, the energy is provided based on electricity production.

Residency and Citizenship

Property ownership based residence permit

All foreigners that own certain type of property in Montenegro and more specifically apartments, houses, condo hotels, hotels, or restaurants are able to apply for a teporary residence permit based on their property ownership.

By obtaining temporary residence foreigners become Montenegrin tax residents and can benefit from some of the lowest corporate and capital gain taxes in Europe.

Temporary residence permit is issued for a one year period and renewed anually. After 5 consecutive years of temporary residency foreginers have the possibility to apply for the permanent residency.