Residency and Citizenship

Property ownership based residence permit

All foreigners that own certain type of property in Montenegro and more specifically apartments, houses, condo hotels, hotels, or restaurants are able to apply for a teporary residence permit based on their property ownership.

By obtaining temporary residence foreigners become Montenegrin tax residents and can benefit from some of the lowest corporate and capital gain taxes in Europe.

Temporary residence permit is issued for a one year period and renewed anually. After 5 consecutive years of temporary residency foreginers have the possibility to apply for the permanent residency.

The residence permit application consists of

    Proof of sufficient funds for living—10 euros per day (i.e., a bank statement testifying a minimum of 3,650 euros in the account)

    Proof of mandatory health insurance issued by a local insurance company

    Copy of passport

    Statement of Clear Criminal Record issued by the relevant institution in the country of origin, and translated into a Montenegrin language by an official court translator

    Cadastral Extract (title deeds of the property)

The residence permit application can be submitted at any time as its the base and the prerequisite for residency, no matter when the property is purchased(does not have to be submitted upon purchase)


Foreigners can become citizens of Montenegro using 2 routs:

    1. Residecy to citizenship route

    2. Citizenship by investment route

Residecy to citizenship route

Foreigners residing in Montenegro are entitled to permanent residency after 5 uninterupted temporary resident permits. Permanent residents with more than 5 years of permanent residency can apply for Montenegrin citizenship.

Citizenship by investment route

The Montenegrin Citizen by investment program was officially announced on Oct 1, 2018 for foreign investors. The program allows foreigners to be granted the citizenship of Montenegro at the discretion of the Ministry of Interior Affairs and Public Administration through a designated investment and a series of due dilligence requirements.

The requirements are 450,000€ investment in a preapproved project in the south or center of Montenegro plus a 100,000€ grant towards the development of undeveloped areas of Montenegro or 250,000€ investment in a preapproved project in the north and parment of application and due dilligence fees to a preapproved marketing agent(15,000€ plus 10,000€ for up to 4 family members)